Estate Planning, Guardianships, Probate, Business Law and More

I began my legal practice over 34 years ago, working in business litigation, business planning and real estate law. After a career as a banker, I received my law degree and a Masters in Tax.

Over time, my practice evolved to focus more on Estate Planning, Elder law, Guardianships, Probate, and similar matters. I enjoy the value that I can provide a client in the areas of Estate Planning, Guardianships, Probate and Business Law to help them reach their goals.

I like to take the “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” approach to my practice. Providing estate planning consultation for my client (an ounce of prevention) helps them to avoid estate depletion and the upset from a litigation environment (the pound of cure). When counsel is involved in resolving a client’s disputes, we often see that incurring some legal fees up front to resolve problems could have avoided the whole dispute that caused the litigation.

When estate litigation does arise, my focus is to resolve the dispute in a timely matter and minimize the disruption to the litigants’ lives. Litigation should be used to resolve disputes, not create them. This is particularly true in the estate litigation context which typically involves family members who will need to work with each other in the future. That is what the decedent would have wanted.

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