What Is Elder Law?

Elder Law used to just be estate planning. We are living longer and longer lives though. Our increased life expectancy is leading to more and more challenges for seniors both as individuals and as members of a marital community.

The Elder Law Attorney is now seeing the following issues challenging seniors that they must either resolve or hopefully provide the client a referral to another professional that can provide resolution:

  1. Estate Planning.
  2. Disability Planning.
  3. Health Care.
  4. Medicare.
  5. Medicaid.
  6. Veteran Benefits.
  7. Housing Issues.
  8. Residential Care issues.
  9. Guardianships.
  10. Social Security.
  11. Titling of Assets and Property Transfers.
  12. Income tax issues.
  13. Elder Abuse.

Representing seniors has just become more challenging to make sure that they live their lives with the dignity that we all want for ourselves and for others and avoid needless estate depletion that can happen by failing to have an estate plan in place.

My Helpful Resources section of this website contains a number of links for clients to educate themselves on these issues and possibly even solve their challenges themselves.

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