Veterans Benefits

We have close to 250,000 Veterans in Washington. There are both State and Federal programs available to help Veterans deal with income issues, disability, nursing homes and other medical issues.

I can assist the Veteran in addressing issues where the Veterans Administration can possibly provide assistance that improves the quality of his or her life. Eventually though, the Veteran should make an appointment with a Veteran Service Organization (VSO) to sit down with one of their Agents. Their Agents have hundreds of hours of training to determine where a Veteran might qualify for benefits. The VSO’s will even Prepare, Present and Process the Veterans Claim for free.

You can find the various benefits that might be available by looking at the Helpful Resources section of this website under “Veterans”. Benefits that may be available to you can include:

  1. Veteran Compensation which is like a retirement benefit.
  2. Veteran Service Connected Disability Program.
  3. Veteran Non Service Connected Disability Program.
  4. Aid and Attendance.
  5. Veteran Health Care Benefits.
  6. Veteran Nursing Homes.
  7. Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Benefits.

The benefits are sometimes means tested, sometimes not and may even include benefits for a surviving spouse and/or dependants. Plus, there are even more benefits that may be available (e.g. employment, educational and recreational) that are outside the scope of an elder law attorney’s advice.

The Department of Veterans Affairs website is listed on my Helpful Resources Section. The Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs can be reached at 1-800-562-2308.

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